No Wisdom Teeth for Christmas

My boyfriend got his wisdom teeth out today. All four of them. They were coming out forward instead of upward so the procedure was a bit more difficult.  And they had fully grown in 3 years ago.

Before me he hadn’t even heard of wisdom teeth, I’m glad I was able to convince him to get them out, his teeth sadly on the bottom have already been crowded together and it’s too late to fix without braces.  Being a student, no one has the time or money for that.

An hour later the extraction was complete, and I met him in recovery.

Recovery was 2 and a half hours, 2 hours longer then everyone else.

He had excess bleeding and had to go back in and get more stitches on his left side, which was already feeling pain and swelling.

Because he was 2 hours over in recovery, he’s 2 hours behind and I don’t think he will be eating solids by tomorrow.

Care is time consuming. Advil every 3 hours, T3 every 4, anti-nausea 3x a day. Soft foods that aren’t hot. Sitting up straight AND today is laundry day. Poor thing.

I’m sure almost everyone can empathize.

The nurse say’s his worst day will be Christmas.  I’m glad I could get today and tomorrow off work to help him through this!

Have a happy holiday everyone! and remember someone always has it worse 😛 🙂


Solution to Santa

I hated Christmas as a child.

Only now have I grown to love it.

I had a restless sleep the other night and in a haze I thought of a problem to solve all of childhoods misfortunes around Christmas.

A new story that I would love to tell my children and keep their spirits bright.

The issue in my family was my father: who said Santa was real, and my mother who by religion: disagreed.

I’ve decided to solve this problem by one little tale:

We all know St. Nick was a real man and I mean, being a human he would have died long ago.  Yet, before he died, he gave a gift to every person alive, young and old– and that present was the spirit of Christmas.  And that is why every person gives and receives presents — because everyone has this Santa magic inside of them.  And the men in malls dressed up as Santa are helping doing their part keeping holiday spirit.

Therefore Santa is real, the spirit is alive, and every child has their own Santa magic to be proud of.

So tell me what you think, if you have any ideas or insights toward my possible solution to the problem that is “Santa’s being”.