The Woman in Black Review

The Woman In Black


Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Kipps

Directed by:

James Watkins


I can only hope to say that “I know you all have seen this by now”.  Because I would give it a 5/5.  A great adaptation to the original movie (1989).  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.  The girls behind me were screaming and my friend dropped his popcorn.  It was all played out in the sound.  With loud startling jump scares, be it a bird or the woman herself.

Although very predictable, the ending I did not see coming.  It did not ruin the story, neither did I see an enhancement.  Just made me think “oh, okay.. creepy”.  At the beginning of the movie, because of the characters, and the time period (1900’s), it made me wonder how the director was going to incorporate a woman’s scream.  Because “Harry Potters” AHHH, is no match to a shrilling females blood curdling scream.  The scream was what irked me the most in the end.  Way to over played.  The same scream, over and over, and finally for a long period of time.  Really became redundant and lost its thrill.

Another thing I did not like was humanizing the ghost, putting a not so ghastly image upon something that should be left to our discretion.  She was actually kind of pretty.  In hanging herself, her neck should be broken, or something symbolizing the physicality of her death.

The very beginning started with a woman in a white wedding dress, and I don’t know if I was thinking too contextually, but I thought it would have a clearer connection with the woman in black.  So that was a little disappointing too.

Side note: Adrian Rawlins OR James Potter (Harry’s father) played the original  Arthur Kipps

Watching the original movie by the way will not ruin the new one, or the other way around.

Something I found to be amusing by comparison though, was the original tried to be all high tech with electric lighting, while the new one, tried to go back to candle light. (Just as an example)

ANOTHER thing that irked me was.. Where did the dog go?

Any solutions for those of you who watched it?

All in all, great movie, put it on your list of things to be watched!



Some questions I’d like to ask women:

Why do you wear makeup?

Why do you spend so long getting ready?

What satisfaction do you get out of shopping?

How important is it to be feminine?


So I have recently gotten an allergy test.

54 substances tested on my two arms combined.

Didn’t hurt, but one of my reactions made me instantly woozy and I had to lay down.

I have never been allergic to anything in my life but suddenly over the last year I have developed daily allergies to what seems like everything.

Inside and outside.

Apparently my worst three reactions were to house dusts, cats and Altenaria.

Alternaria is a natural mould or fungus that grows pretty much everywhere.

There are 299 genus that are found in soil, water, on animals, plants, objects indoors and outdoors AND are air born. 

— in other words I am allergic to the air.

This fungus is all year round and fluctuates July-October.

So everything is explained.

I hope I grow out of this allergy :\

Hoooo Ray.


Lion King Dark Night

Not mine. I am not so a computer artist.
But I LOVE Lion King and LOVE Batman.
Just HAD to share the awesomeness.

Props to the creator!
Who’s looking forward to Dark Night Rises?!


Gran Gran and Mother

Hard to sleep when your gran is in hospital.

She had a heart attack.

92 with leukemia and the stomach flu for the past 2 weeks.

Still living by her self. Strong dependent woman, a fighter.

Not looking good this time.

I visited her a couple days ago, cleaned her house, had tea with her.

To be honest I’ve never known anyone who died. Her husband died when I was 2 and I don’t remember him.

Other then that.. I’ve been quite fortunate.

I don’t know what to do about this new fear of loss.

My mother isn’t looking to good either.

52 with heart failure, renal failure, arthritis, fibromyalgia, angina — she’s on more meds then my gran!

But she at least has age on her side.

Anyone know how to deal with loss? Or thought of loss?

About 2 years ago: Gran Gran is the one in the chair, mother is in pink above.

(We’re a short family huh!?)Image

Ten Absurd Pet Peeves

Ten absurd pet peeves. In no specific order.

1. The word personS, and anywayS (because there is no such thing!)

2. People who leave a bunch of half empty shampoo and condiment containers and persist to buy more.

3. People who step on the back of my feet when I walk

4. Pet owners that don’t react when  you go all googly eyed over their pet

5. Drinking the milk left over in a bowl of cereal

6. People who use the word “like” improperly and too frequently

7. Getting a wet chin (and only chin)

8. People who complain that they are fat when they are clearly thinner then you

9. People who because I am white assume I can not handle spicy food and chopsticks

10. Repeating myself to completely capable people

No Wisdom Teeth for Christmas

My boyfriend got his wisdom teeth out today. All four of them. They were coming out forward instead of upward so the procedure was a bit more difficult.  And they had fully grown in 3 years ago.

Before me he hadn’t even heard of wisdom teeth, I’m glad I was able to convince him to get them out, his teeth sadly on the bottom have already been crowded together and it’s too late to fix without braces.  Being a student, no one has the time or money for that.

An hour later the extraction was complete, and I met him in recovery.

Recovery was 2 and a half hours, 2 hours longer then everyone else.

He had excess bleeding and had to go back in and get more stitches on his left side, which was already feeling pain and swelling.

Because he was 2 hours over in recovery, he’s 2 hours behind and I don’t think he will be eating solids by tomorrow.

Care is time consuming. Advil every 3 hours, T3 every 4, anti-nausea 3x a day. Soft foods that aren’t hot. Sitting up straight AND today is laundry day. Poor thing.

I’m sure almost everyone can empathize.

The nurse say’s his worst day will be Christmas.  I’m glad I could get today and tomorrow off work to help him through this!

Have a happy holiday everyone! and remember someone always has it worse 😛 🙂

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