So I have recently gotten an allergy test.

54 substances tested on my two arms combined.

Didn’t hurt, but one of my reactions made me instantly woozy and I had to lay down.

I have never been allergic to anything in my life but suddenly over the last year I have developed daily allergies to what seems like everything.

Inside and outside.

Apparently my worst three reactions were to house dusts, cats and Altenaria.

Alternaria is a natural mould or fungus that grows pretty much everywhere.

There are 299 genus that are found in soil, water, on animals, plants, objects indoors and outdoors AND are air born. 

— in other words I am allergic to the air.

This fungus is all year round and fluctuates July-October.

So everything is explained.

I hope I grow out of this allergy :\

Hoooo Ray.



Lion King Dark Night

Not mine. I am not so a computer artist.
But I LOVE Lion King and LOVE Batman.
Just HAD to share the awesomeness.

Props to the creator!
Who’s looking forward to Dark Night Rises?!