Not Family

I’m so busy at work every day, but I’ll try to get a blog  in every other day.

Practice my writing, style, and share my points and views.

What perturbed me today was the fact that my serious boyfriend of over one year that I am currently living with, told me his family is not mine.

Now, I must have been way off course, because I bought his cousin a Christmas present.  I spent a night on the phone with his little brother because he got in a physical fight with an abusive uncle.  These two are like brothers to me.  His mother takes care of me when I’m ill; offers to help with the groceries (which I kindly decline).

I thought– I mean– I know we’re not blood… but is that not a family? Caring, sharing, loving? I mean obviously there’s more too it, but no need to bore you.. that one person who reads this :).

It was very insensitive of him to say. And I do believe he’s wrong.  I suppose it’s.. opinion?

I don’t understand why he said that.. any answers?


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  1. Nhan-Fiction
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 07:42:11

    There is always a possibility that your boyfriend just meant something else with his comment. I know I have a tendency to say something the wrong way, when of course I mean something else.


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